Houston Heights: Everything You Need To Know About This Fabulous Neighborhood

The Heights is a neighborhood in Houston, TX that has exploded in popularity from the 1990s.

It is home to many young professionals in the Houston area that want to be close to downtown and other popular areas without feeling like they live in a large city.

The Heights is made up of different historic districts that add character and charm to the popular area.

The Heights Real Estate

The Heights is one of the most popular areas of Houston when it comes to purchasing real estate.

Single family homes make up most of the sales in the area. These include the Victorian homes that were built at the founding of The Heights as well as one-story bungalows that are popular in the area.

Costs of single family homes usually begin around $200,000 and reach upward of $1,000,000.

Townhomes are also available in The Heights area and comprise most of the newer construction that has occurred in the neighborhood.

They are not considered single family homes because townhomes share a common wall with at least one neighbor.

Owning a townhome is a cost effective way to live near Downtown Houston for a low price. Commonly townhomes in Houston Heights range from $300,000 to $600,000.

Condos are harder to find in The Heights than in other popular neighborhoods in Houston. That is because of the deed restrictions in certain areas of The Heights which ensure that the neighborhood is kept as a historic area filled with Victorian homes.

There aren’t very many highrise or lowrise buildings, but they do exist.

1111 Studewood Place and The Point at White Oak (102 Quitman) are two of the main options available if you are looking to purchase a condo in The Heights.

Houston Heights Neighborhood Information

Located 4 miles northwest of Downtown Houston, The Heights is Houston’s largest intact historic subdivision.

It is located South of Loop 610, North of I-10, and West of Highway 45.

The neighborhood has over 3,700 homes and is characterized by Victorian homes, restored bungalows, charming shops, and exciting restaurants and nightlife.

There’s a good mix of new construction, restorations, and historic buildings with over 100 structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The diversity and charm of The Heights makes it a popular place to live for 18 – 65-year-olds.

The Heights Neighborhood History

The Heights was established in 1891 and one of the first planned developments in Houston.

Oscar Martin Carter, a self-made millionaire envisioned creating a location for entrepreneurs and working people to live that promoted commerce, health, and safety for families that didn’t want to live directly in Houston.

Carter ended up choosing the current location of Houston Heights to build his community, because of its higher elevation, rich soil, and artisan water sources.

Carter attracted a group of investors to help pay for The Heights and make improvements to the land.

These investors formed Omaha and South Texas Land Company, bought 1,756 acres of land for the community, and put over $500,000 into schools, parks, streets, commercial space, and utilities.

Together, the group planned out the neighborhood, built Victorian homes, and lined the streets with trees and natural features.

The community grew up until the 1940s but changed after World War II, when industrial buildings and factories moved into the neighborhood.

For nearly three decades after the war, The Heights wasn’t the ideal place to live in Houston since people in other neighborhoods considered it to be “low income.”

That all changed in the 1990s, when young professionals that worked in Downtown Houston began purchasing and renovating homes in this area.

The Heights was still able to keep its historical structures even while investors were tearing down houses and using the land to build newer, upscale buildings.

The historic districts responded to the occurring changes in the area by placing deed restrictions so that the charm and character of the wouldn’t be taken away.

Since there is such a mix of new and old elements, The Heights has a unique feel because of its character and modern touches, as well as its unique history.

The gentrification that is still ongoing to this day has caused property values and development in Houston Heights to increase quickly.

Most of the area is made up of white collar workers, young professionals, and skilled craftsman.

Properties range from around $200,000 to over $1.3 million depending on location in the Heights, lot size, and style.

Houston Heights Neighborhood Profile

Rated as one of the most “walkable” neighborhoods in Houston, The Heights features upscale restaurants and boutiques that create a cityscape like those of the Upper Kirby, Lower Westheimer, or Bellaire neighborhoods.

There’s plenty to do during the day, where you can dine at some of Houston’s best restaurants or travel to the Downtown area.

There’s also a lot to do for night owls, since the nightlife in the The Heights is some of the best in Houston.

Transportation in the area includes the METRO which operates out of the Heights Transit Center, as well as bike trails that connect to other downtown Houston bike loops, the University of Houston, and other major destinations.

Staying in the Houston Heights gives you easy access to Downtown, the Galleria, the Medical Center, and the Inner Loop.

You’re also within a 5 to 10-minute drive of the popular River Oaks and Montrose neighborhoods if you’re looking to explore other parts of Houston.

The Heights has hot, humid summers and mild winters.

There are many parks that you can enjoy the weather at, many of which are also community centers with activities for the whole family.

Whether you want to go swimming, play basketball, go hiking or biking, hit some weights, or just need a place to meet people then you’ll always have activities to participate in at one of the different parks at The Heights.

Community in The Heights

There are a ton of community events and things for you to do in The Heights throughout the year. Here’s a short list of the activities that you can participate in the neighborhood:

19th Street Boutiques At The Historic Houston Heights Shopping District

The shops in the Historic Houston Heights Shopping District aren’t well known by most Houstonians, but offer some great opportunities to find wonderful items.

Boutiques, thrift stores, and consignment stores line 19th street and allow you to update your wardrobe and purchase new furnishings for your home.

You can find just about anything that you need at the shops on 19th Street, and take a break at a cafe or restaurant in the area when you need a little break.

First Saturday Arts Market

Every first Saturday of the month is a great time to check out fine art in a festival atmosphere.

The First Saturday Arts Market happens year round and you can purchase paintings, sculptures, jewelry, photography, and handcrafted items.

Usually, there are around 50 artists showcasing work each week and over 30 booth spaces.

There’s also live music, food carts, and entertainment that’s perfect for the whole family.

Lights In The Heights

In December, The Heights throws a celebration for Christmas involving music, shopping, food, and entertainment called the Lights In The Heights.

It showcases people and businesses that live in The Heights and is a diverse festival that includes a caroling contest, home tour, and other awesome events.

Art Car Museum

Founded in 1988, the Art Car Museum showcases local, national, and international artists that aren’t often showcased elsewhere.

The art that appears in this museum holds political, cultural, and economic themes of modern and traditional art work.

Art cars are unique forms of art that blend vehicles with artwork. Admission to this museum is free for all and open Wednesday through Sunday.

White Linen Night at The Heights

Once a year, Houstonians travel to The Heights in their finest white linens to celebrate summer and view artwork by over 50 artists.

There are also local businesses, pop-up boutiques, shops, and multiple music venues.

This is a huge event with over 100,000 people regularly attending from the Houston area and beyond.

The Heights’ Schools

The Heights is a part of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) and even if your children don’t live in the school zone for the school that you want your child to attend, it’s possible to be chosen in a lottery and have your child attend their first choice of school in the district.

Here is a list of the public schools and private schools in The Heights as well as notable private schools within a few miles:

Elementary Schools
Crockett Elementary
Fild Elementary
Harvard Elementary
Helms Community Learning Center
Love Elementary
Sinclair Elementary

Middle Schools
Hamilton Middle School
Hogg Middle School

High Schools
Reagan High School
Waltrip High School


Houston Heights Learning Academy (Charter)
Houston Heights High School (Charter)
The New School in the Heights (K – 9)
Immanuel Lutheran Church and School (K – 8)
Houston Outdoor Learning Academy (6 – 12)

Notable Private Schools within 10 – 15 minutes
Woodland Heights’ Houston Outdoor Learning Academy (6 – 12)
Rice Military’s St. Theresa School (K-8)