Everything You Need To Know About Houston’s Midtown

The Midtown area of Houston is a central location near Downtown Houston, the Medical Center and the Museum District.

Properties in this area are popular because of the great accessibility to the rest of the Houston area as well as quick access to the Gulf, Southwest, and South freeways.

Homebuyers who are looking to purchase a home, townhome, or condo in Midtown Houston have a lot of affordable options, which makes Midtown such a popular area.

There are lots of new developments being established in the area and access to great schools makes this a great neighborhood to live in, especially if you work near or in Downtown Houston.

The thriving mixed-use community is rapidly expanding, with new restaurants, lounges, and retail stores being added to this fun and exciting area.

Currently there are nearly 200 restaurants, coffee shops, and bars which make the neighborhood lively and provide lots of options for residents when it comes to dining, shopping, and enjoying nightlife.

Midtown experienced a decline, like much of Houston in the 1980s, but as investors began converting buildings into lofts throughout Downtown Houston, many residents began to realize just how nice Midtown is, and began flocking there at record pace.

The Midtown TIRZ boosted the amount of renovation projects that were occurring in the area, and there’s still lots of development planned for the future of Midtown.

Homeowners in the Midtown area will benefit from the rapid expansion and new development in the area.

Midtown Real Estate Trends

Midtown Houston properties have increased in value by nearly 50% over the past 10 years, and it’s one of the few locations in the United States that doesn’t seem to be cooling down.

The average sales price in 2014 jumped to just over $300,000, which came a far way from the average price of just over $200,000 in the decade prior.

Within the past 5 years prices have steady increased, making real estate in Houston one of the best investment opportunities for homebuyers in the area.

There are many option for real estate in the Midtown area. The most common properties are townhomes and condos, but there are also new single-family properties that are being constructed here as well.

The townhomes are in mostly a contemporary and traditional style, and offer a cheaper alternative to homes in the Inner Loop.

Homes in the Midtown area are less expensive, yet still in demand within the Houston area.

New townhomes are currently being constructed, with a majority of them being 2 or 3 story homes.

A standard floorplan gets you a two car garage, two or three floors of living space, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

For the money it is a great amount of space compared to the rest of the United States.

Property developers don’t seem like they’ll be slowing down construction in the Midtown area any time soon.

Condos are another common property type in the Midtown area. There are plenty of converted loft spaces for residents to occupy, and many offer spectacular Downtown Houston skyline views, spacious open floor plans, and accessibility to just about any part of Houston that you want to travel to.

Most condos range from 1,500 to 2,000 square feet, offer multiple parking spaces, and give you access to luxury amenities like pools, terraces, lounges, and the works.

Some of the notable condos in the area include:

2520 Robinhood: If you’re looking for amazing features and condo design, then you’ll find it here. These properties are at the top of Houston homeowner’s list for dream living space. You get a little bit of everything here, high ceilings, a swimming pool, gym, and 2 bedrooms of space. All this ranges from $400,000 to $1,500,000.

7575 Kirby: Located next to West University and The Medical Center, 7575 Kirby is in a prime location. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump to Downtown Houston, so if you work in the area, you’ll have no problem accessing the business district and the fine shops and boutiques in the area. This building has a clubhouse, health club and spa, and many more cool amenities.

The Mosaic: If you enjoy museums, art, and culture, then you’ll love living at The Mosaic. It’s minutes away from the park so that you can play golf or enjoy the lush surroundings. These 30 story buildings are connected by five different bridges and offer a rooftop terrace, a putting green, a jogging trail, and more.

Sorento: Nearby is the Sorento, which is located in the neighborhood of Braeswood. This neighborhood is filled with large oak trees and close to the Texas Medical Center. There are also higher education centers in the area, which makes this a great place for retired and students alike. A few minutes away you have plenty of dining and shopping options, giving you things to do at any time of the day.

The Midtown Houston Area

The location of Midtown is what makes it a prime location for new residents planning to move to the city.

It’s centrally located within the Inner Loop and offers access to plenty of job hubs, retail centers, and entertainment. Midtown is 617-acres large, and feels more like a town than Downtown Houston.

Public transportation is readily available in the area, since there are MetriRAIL stops on Main Street, McGowen, and Ensemble/HCC.

There’s plenty of access to buses that can take you throughout the city of Houston in a short amount of time, so commuters won’t have a difficult time getting to work from Midtown.

Fun Things To Do In Midtown

Midtown is a mixed-use area, filled with shops, restaurants, apartment complexes, and mid-rise condos.

Since there’s a little bit of everything within Midtown, that means that the citizens get the best of both worlds when it comes to attending events, festivals, and seeing entertainment.

Midtown as known as one of the trendier areas in Houston, and is hope to a number of unique bars and restaurants.

Whether you enjoy craft beers, cool cocktails, or dining with your favorite four-legged friend, chances are that you can find the experience you’re looking for here.

There’s also lots of great Vietnamese and Asian inspired restaurants that keep up with Midtown’s eclectic history as Little Saigon.

In addition to all of the unique dining and nightlife options that you have in the area, you also have plenty of shopping options within Midtown.

There’s a unique mix of large retail stores as well as smaller vintage shops, crafts stores, and art houses that showcase local and national artist.

If you prefer to stroll through the town and look at greenery, then you also have this option, since Midtown gives you access to the Elizabeth Baldwin Park, Peggy’s Point Plaza Park, and close access to the Discovery Green only a few minutes away in Downtown Houston.

Midtown’s History

Not too long ago, Midtown was the center of all the action that occurred within Houston.

In the 1940s it wa one of the most popular residential districts, as development was occurring throughout the city thanks to an influx of investors, the discovery of oil in the area, and the addition of new commercial spaces.

Residents liked the area because it was close to downtown, but still far enough away to feel like they were outside of a big city.

In the 1970s a large amount of Vietnamese immigrants moved to the area and established Little Saigon on Webster, Milam, Travis, and San Jacinto streets.

By the 1980s, Midtown was in the beginning of decline that hit the area even harder in the 1990s.

The population started to decline and people began moving to other major cities for more job opportunities.

Suddenly buildings in the area were boarded up, and graffiti lined the walls throughout Midtown.

In the mid 1990s, Houston created the Midtown Management Reinvestment Zone, which later set up the establishment of the Midtown Management District.

These reinvestment funds brought new businesses to the area which in turn boosted the population of the area and brought new residential properties, restaurants, bars, and retail stores to the Midtown area.

Now that Midtown has been revitalized, it has new paved sidewalks, lights, landscaping, and street signs.

As it becomes more of a trendy area, more improvements will be added to the area.

Schools In Midtown

Midtown is home to plenty of public and private schools for children of all ages. Here are some of the popular schools in the area:

LaBranch Child Development Center – you’ll find child care and early education here at the LaBranch Federal Building

The School For Young Children – this school serves children with special needs who are in grades 1 – 6. It’s especially popular with children who are learning English as a second language.

The Harris School – this school serves students that are in pre-kindergarten to 8th grade and focuses on a specialized curriculum centered around academics and therapy.

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School – this Episcopal school teaches children grades 6 through 12 and has a mix of diverse coed students.