Montrose, One of Houston’s Best Neighborhoods

Visit a Montrose Realtor to Explore One of Houston’s Best Neighborhoods

Houston’s sprawling nature makes it difficult for residents to commute from far-flung suburbs to the city’s heart.

That’s why a reliable real estate agent in Montrose will encourage clients to explore the lovely options available in the Montrose area.

The community boasts a great deal of history, but also reflects the modern tastes and needs of residents.

Once home shoppers visit the area and see all it offers, they are generally reluctant to look elsewhere for a new home.

Homes Currently Available

Montrose boasts a blend of single-family homes, townhomes, patio homes, lofts, and other multi-family complexes.

While the area’s historic homes create a theme for the neighborhoods, new construction designed to complement the area’s heritage is commonly seen in the community.

Although home values are on the upswing, there are still opportunities for less-affluent families to enjoy the benefits offered by Montrose.

Montrose History

In the early 1900s, developer J.W. Link decided to buck the then-current trend and look to the west of Houston, rather than the south, as an area to develop.

His Houston Land Corporation planned and built a neighborhood of fine homes he named Montrose that was linked to city’s center by a streetcar line.

Originally, the area consisted of four carefully landscaped boulevards that gave a sense of grandness to the area.

Link built his own home, now a part of the University of St. Thomas campus, in the new neighborhood.

While the neighborhood includes majestic old homes from the turn of the century, it has also been home to an eclectic mix of individuals.

The counter-culture movement found a home in Montrose during the 1960s and 70s, with street musicians, artists’ studios, and alternative shops dominating the area.

However, as the demand for homes closer to the city’s downtown accelerated in the 1990s, much of the area became gentrified, with more bohemian aspects of the area being replaced by an increasingly diversified population.

Today, the area is home to professionals including attorneys, accountants, and a wide variety of others.

Area Attractions

Montrose is home to some of Houston’s best restaurants, hotels, and boutiques.

Many of the older homes on Westheimer Road and Montrose Boulevard are now businesses or restaurants catering not only to residents but to upscale shoppers as well.

The area is also home to some of Houston’s finest art museums, chapels, and other historic attractions. Here is a current list of things to do in Montrose.

Of course, a montrose realtor will also point out the area’s many designated historic districts, including First Montrose Commons, Audobon Place, Westmoreland and others.

There are nearly twenty designated historic districts in Montrose, guaranteeing the area’s bohemian background will not disappear even though the area is becoming more diverse.

With the area’s history as a haven for artists, there is still a strong artistic presence in the community.

The art museums contribute to that flair and offer residents a great opportunity to view the work of noted artists from the area as well as from around the world.

Another local attraction is the Holocaust Museum Houston, which provides authentic film footage, documents, and other artifacts outlining the events of the Holocaust.

The museum’s attractions include a historic railroad car and a Danish rescue boat.

The museum’s mission includes teaching today’s citizens about hatred and how apathy can lead to unforeseen outcomes.

Educational Opportunites

While the University of St. Thomas lies within Montrose, other major institutions including Rice University, Texas Southern University, and The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston are all within easy reach of Montrose residents.

Four elementary schools, two middle schools, and Lamar High School provide an education for the area’s young people.

The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts is a magnet school that’s also available to area high school students.

In addition, families seeking private schools have a couple of options a local Realtor will gladly point out.

Future Outlook

Because of the area’s unique heritage and historical districts, property values in the area are likely to remain steady or increase in the future as commuting from distant suburbs becomes increasingly difficult.

With the variety of cultural experiences as well as fine dining and shopping, the Montrose area will no doubt attract more individuals looking for a great place to live while still having easy access to downtown Houston and the surrounding areas.

Montrose is, without a doubt, one of the Houston region’s true gems.

To begin your exploration of options for home ownership in Melrose, contact an experienced realtor in Montrose today.

A Realtor will outline the advantages of the area, focusing on the advantages the community offers those with a passion for history.

Of course, no one will ignore the wonderful shopping and dining options Montrose is justly famous for.

Don’t forget that Montrose residents can also take full advantage of the amenities available in the nearby downtown area.

Realtors specializing in Montrose home sales are always available to discuss the many advantages of living in Montrose.