Uber Is Bringing You Dinner

Uber is starting their food delivery service in Houston. It's expected for a fall launch.

Uber Technologies Inc. appears to be launching its new food delivery service, UberEats, in the Houston market.

The San Francisco-based transportation network company has a job listing on its website for a senior marketing manager for the new service. It also has job listings for operations managers for other cities around the country including Dallas, Phoenix, Atlanta and Miami.

The service currently exists in Los Angeles; Chicago; New York; Barcelona, Spain; and Toronto, according to its website.

Users choose from a set menu that highlights local restaurants. For example, on Aug. 5 in Chicago, UberEats users can get a steak teriyaki bowl or a bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich for lunch, each listed for around $10.The menu changes daily and for each day meals are delivered in 10 minutes or less, according to the website.

UberEats could launch in Houston as early as the fall, according to a spokesperson with Uber.